Vision, Purpose & Strategy



Activity based working

An all-in-one solution designed by MindForest based on: ​

More than 20 years of experience in accompanying transformational and organisational projects

In-depth knowledge of the local economic fabric and a wide variety of different industries

A multi-disciplinary team promoting operational excellence to provide a complete and practical solution.

Adopting a participative approach based on collective intelligence throughout the transmission process


Bring your employees together under a strong and symbolic idea!

In a context of permanent change, fierce competition and increased turbulence, organisations must be able to set a course, adapt to unforeseen events and unite employees around common goals. A clear vision and strategy are therefore crucial for the development and the success of organisations.

To define a company’s vision is to find a purpose, to imagine where you want to go and to project yourself there, free of any limits. From the initial ambition, precise objectives and the strategy to achieve them will then follow.

MindForest assists organisations in redefining their positioning in the medium and long run, by :

  • Taking a step back to identify new opportunities, create a new strategic space, a new market demand
  • Asking the relevant questions
  • Developing different scenarios for strategic repositioning, and anticipating threats and opportunities
  • Mobilising their teams in the realisation of these strategic goals.

In a constantly changing environment, the vision, strategy and objectives are never fully fixed, so it is wise to repeat this exercise regularly.


Get your strategy off the ground with our help!

As a leader, you may be convinced that your vision and strategy will get your company to the next level, contribute to its growth and longevity, with each step you take on this journey.

But even the most well-thought and greatly designed strategy needs the buy-in of the team to be successful.

MindForest helps you to kick-start your strategy and ensure its adoption by your team by:

  • Identifying your vision’s strategic priorities, drawing a successful implementation roadmap and building an efficient governance structure
  • Mitigating risks, including employees resistance (risk matrix, interviews)
  • Getting your team on board and giving them the skills, knowledge, and equipment they need to follow you
  • Monitoring the strategy adoption by the team throughout the project.


Activate the strength of collective action!

Companies and their teams are faced with complexities that require new ways of doing, thinking and organising themselves.

Collective effectiveness and efficiency are among these. They give meaning and provide employees with the keys to make the right decisions, to be motivated, creative and committed to their work.

MindForest supports you in achieving collective effectiveness and efficiency at the organisational level by working on:

  • Team synergy (identification of individual and team strengths and weaknesses, coordination, cooperation, solidarity)
  • Team alignment (common vision and purpose, shared meaning)
  • Intrinsic and extrinsic motivations of employees
  • Collective intelligence
  • Focus on self, others and the organisation.

The strength of collective action is therefore demonstrated by the fact that the best performance is achieved through the contribution of each individual.


Change in organisations can occur in terms of strategy, organisation (internal reorganisation, company mergers, etc.), practices/processes, tools (new business management software) or culture (human factor).

They bring their share of questions, uncertainties and even resistance from employees, and this can have significant negative effects on the smooth running and performance of the organisation, but also on the well-being of employees.

Our team assists all types of organisations in the management of transformation projects, as well as in the adoption of the change(s), thanks to a tailor-made support, based on:

  • An assessment of the organisation’s readiness for change
  • An in-depth study and analysis of the potential impacts of the change
  • An action plan that meets the specific needs of the field’s teams
  • A permanent monitoring and adjustment of the project according to the requirements (test & learn).

MindForest guarantees responsiveness and proximity to the client throughout the whole project.