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[TÉLÉCHARGEMENT GRATUIT] De la crise aux nouvelles façons de travailler : les modes hybrides dans le monde post-2020

Nous avons discuté avec des dirigeants d'entreprises luxembourgeoises et basées au Luxembourg lors de notre dernier Business Room sur le thème : "De la crise aux nouvelles façons de travailler : les modes hybrides dans le monde post-2020".

Uncertainty Suffocates Creativity

When the Covid crisis plunged the world of work into chaos, we were all driven by the fact that we had no other option. Governments announced that everyone had to stay at home and so companies had to comply, there was no element of choice. The current situation is different. We are inundated with articles discussing the pros and cons of different working models, all of which insinuate that there is an element of choice.

Et si demain on télétravaillait encore ?

Si le Luxembourg pratiquait déjà le télétravail avant la crise sanitaire du COVID-19, la grande majorité des organisations a dû s’adapter au travail à distance dans l’urgence… et beaucoup ont trouvé les solutions et mis en place les process nécessaires en peu de temps. Jour après jour elles se sont donné les moyens de réussir cette transformation et même des postes a priori non « télétravaillables » ont pu être transposés, pour réaliser tout ou partie des activités à distance. Beaucoup parlent d'un « retour à la normale », mais et si demain on télétravaillait encore ?

[23/09/20] Webinar BrainBreakfast : Libérez du temps de cerveau avec la communication visuelle !

MindForest est heureux de vous inviter à son BrainBreakfast virtuel « Libérez du temps de cerveau avec la communication visuelle ! » qui aura lieu le mercredi 23 septembre 2020 de 9h00 à 10h00 en ligne !

Presenting online? Engage Your Audience!

March 2020: From one day to the next millions of employees, managers and company owners have been progressively thrown into the world of virtual communication: online meetings, online presentations, webinars, virtual breakfasts and happy hours. There are a wide variety to choose from.  Applications allowing online video interaction such as, Webex and Livestorm  have suddenly been flooded with registration requests while their stock value has soared to new records. As an example, stock value has practically doubled in the last 3 months. 

Digital Workplace Culture – The Future is Now!

Are you envisioning to go digital with your company? Then you have probably set up a transformation strategy and have it planned through. Well done! Yet have you also taken your current organisational culture into consideration? If not, then your transition towards a digital future will most probably be in danger. Did you know that a recent McKinsey (2016) study has shown that the biggest hurdle companies have to face when going digital is actually their own culture?

Old Ways Won’t Open New Doors!

Sometimes the effects of an occurrence are not immediately visible, this does not necessarily make them less important, it just means you need to take time to understand what is happening. Here is an example: on the Galapagos Islands a variety of turtle lays its eggs in the sand, it has done so for thousands of years. Every year hundreds of little turtles hatch and run down to the sea. This is still the case, at face value nothing has changed, until you learn that the temperature of the sand defines how many male and female turtles hatch. Thanks to global warming, this fine balance has been disturbed and now many more females hatch than males – so although you cannot immediately see this difference it is nevertheless there and will have a huge impact on the long-term future of this variety of turtle. This may also be the case in a workplace context. The recent crisis has sown an environment of fear; fear of the invisible, fear of the unknown, fear of what is to come.