D’une expérience commune est né un partenariat autour de la sécurité de l’information

La sécurité de l’information ne concerne pas seulement les systèmes informatiques, ou l’information dans sa seule forme numérique ou électronique, c’est un domaine beaucoup plus vaste qui englobe l’information et la protection de l’information, qu’elle soit physique ou informatisée.
La cybersécurité de son côté se définit comme la capacité de protéger ou de défendre l’utilisation du cyberespace contre les cyberattaques.
Partant de ce postulat, MindForest, cabinet expert en gestion du changement et organisation, et POST CyberForce, fournisseur de services Telecom, intégrateur IT et prestataire de défense en système d’information ont construit un partenariat né de leur expérience commune dans la sensibilisation à la sécurité de l’information dans son acceptation globale.

MF Alliance Interview with Olivier Antoine, POST CyberForce

Could you kindly introduce yourself?
I was Chief Information Security Officer and Head of the Advisory team at EBRC from 2008 to 2015, since 2015 I have been in charge of the Information Security Management team within the CyberForce department of POST Luxembourg. The ISM team implements, maintains and monitors the Information Security Management System for all POST Luxembourg and POST Telecom entities. In close collaboration with Risk Management, Personal Data Management, Compliance and Legal, the ISM team focuses on information security risks and their governance. In my job, I like the fact that I constantly need to monitor the evolution of the standards, rules and regulations, which apply to our entities. My activities also allow me to share my knowledge of cyber security with POST employees to raise their awareness of information security.

What motivated you to become part of the MF Alliance?
As soon as I arrived at Post, I was put in touch with MindForest and more particularly Benjamin because I was looking for a partnership with a company that would allow me to carry out fun and entertaining awareness activities. After a few years of collaboration, the idea of a partnership came naturally to us in order to reproduce what we had carried out internally at Post for our respective customers.

[17/06/20] Webinar BrainBreakfast avec POST CyberForce : Cybersécurité : Qu’en est-il du facteur humain ?

MindForest est heureux de vous inviter à son BrainBreakfast virtuel « Cybersécurité : Qu’en est-il du facteur humain ? », qui aura lieu le mercredi 17 juin 2020 de 9h00 à 10h00 en ligne !

REMOTE WORKING, CYBERSECURITY, MANAGEMENT and COVID-19: be more attentive than ever and stick to best practices!

The current crisis and containment situation we are experiencing is generating a flood of stress and anxiety. This may have a negative impact on our professional exchanges and increase our vulnerability to cyber-attacks. There is a real risk that the hindsight and critical thinking we usually display in terms of good cyber practices could be neglected in such circumstances.