How digital badges can improve business performance

Digital badges have gained increasing recognition as micro credentials and pedagogical tools over the last decade. They serve as a practical way to engage with employees and recognise accomplishment as part of an online program and they can also be useful in creating awareness among colleagues, potential employers or managers of new professional skill sets or achievements. In our previous article published a few weeks ago, we already talked about how digital badges changed the logic of the certification process, both in an educational context and in professional organisations. Now we would like to talk more about how digital badges can be applied to improve business performance. How can they contribute to improving business performance and how they can change employees’ behaviour?

Comment communiquer le besoin de changer et dynamiser votre projet de changement

Une étape importante pour clarifier le besoin de changer, c’est d’expliquer " le pourquoi ? " . Il faut montrer que les avantages du changement sont plus importants que le risque de ne pas changer[2]. Cependant, cette démonstration est plus facile à dire qu'à faire car les changements organisationnels impliquent des efforts de changements individuels et " une solution unique ne convient pas pour tout le monde ".