MF Alliance Interview with Pedro Castilho, Verbalius

Pedro, could you briefly introduce yourself?

I am the founder of Verbalius Sàrl, a company dedicated to executive coaching in public speaking, debating and public relations skills. As a tireless connector, I’ve been involved at board level in the International Junior Chamber and Indian Business Chamber Luxembourg and I’m currently a board member of the International School of Luxembourg and a mentor with the Incubator of the University of Luxembourg. After a career spanning two decades in banking and with 25 years experience in public speaking, I’ve made it my mission to help people to become successful public speakers.

What does your company Verbalius offer?

We help individuals, startups and corporations tell their stories, deliver persuasive presentations and communicate their message clearly. We also create presentations from scratch or fine-tune existing ones using video and animations for live performances or online presence. In addition to this, we advise teams in event management, we monitor third-party delivery and we support speakers on stage content and performances.

We offer services and training to individuals and teams in public speaking & debating, storytelling & presentation drafting, networking & public relations, press & crisis communication strategies, stage content creation & support, as well as event design & monitoring.

What motivated you to become part of the MF Alliance? 

I believe that together everyone achieves more and the MF Alliance is a way of leveraging everybody’s offer while remaining independent of each other. There is an obvious synergy and complementarity between MindForest and Verbalius when it comes to helping employees to develop their skills within their organisations. It’s a way for each partner to concentrate on what they do best and still be able to propose a high quality, full-fledged solution to their customers. I’m honoured MindForest asked me to collaborate with them on a regular basis for public speaking coaching and training sessions.

What has been your best memory in training people for public speaking until today? 

Training kids for public speaking has definitely been the most challenging and at the same time the most rewarding experience I’ve had. When I launched “Verbal Youth” last summer I was overwhelmed by the youngsters’ talent and creative potential. Kids do not have as many limits as we adults impose on ourselves over time, so you can experiment much more in a funny way. Seeing the faces of their parents when you show them what their offspring is capable of achieving  in just one week is just priceless.

What advice can you give to those who want or need to speak in public?

Always think that it’s not about taking or receiving, it’s about sharing and giving. It’s not about you, it’s about your listeners. Once you have that in mind, you will get less concerned about yourself and more focused on benefiting your audience.

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