Lunch’n’Learn: Coaching: The Key to Smashing Your Professional Goals?

The final event of this year’s Lunch’n’Learn cycle was held at House 17 on November 26th, when Geoffrey Kamba talked about the highly topical subject of coaching as a means of tapping into our inner talents.

In recent years faced with talent scarcity & generations Y & Z, managing Human capital has become an even greater challenge, but research shows there is a strong link between the well-being of employees and the profitability of the company in general. The introduction of a coaching cycle could well provide the key to unlocking your employees’ potential, as well as generating greater employee engagement and loyalty. Not only do employees get to know themselves better and thus understand their added-value for the company, but they also grow in self-esteem and become better equipped to set themselves objectives and measure their achievement.

As Mr Kamba told the audience, “Coaching makes you accountable” …. because you define objectives and then you commit to achieving them.

How do You Choose the Right Coach?

The event allowed participants to learn how to choose the right coach by preparing the first meeting and asking pertinent questions. A coach and a coachee can only work successfully together if they achieve the right balance of trust, commitment and shared responsibility, as well as the time plan best suited to their “project”. A credible coach is a few steps ahead of you, committed to a growth process of their own and will challenge his/her coachee to identify their inner strengths but will never suggest solutions or give advice. To quote Mr Kamba, “A coach must focus on your objectives and not on you as a person”. For this reason, ROI is based on the progress made on the objectives mutually agreed between the two parties and cannot be imposed by an external party such as management or an HR department.

What are the Keys to Successful Coaching?

First ensure that you are ready to be coached and feel that you have the right amount of energy and time to commit to the coaching. Then find the right coach and define your goals, allowing yourself a reasonable period in which to achieve them, co-construct a relationship of mutual trust and respect and accept that you are both mutually responsible for the outcome, then add a large portion of determination and you will soon reap the benefits of your coaching sessions. Of course, the level of coaching must be adapted to the coachee and his/her objectives, but a good working relationship is fundamental.

What are the Potential Benefits for the Team?

Your employees will feel more driven and committed, if they are part of your talent program, you will “grow” inspiring leaders for tomorrow, who will help your company to evolve and prosper. By learning to understand their own strengths and weaknesses, coachees will find it easier to implement new ways of working and cooperating with others, which in turn enhances teamwork and workplace harmony. Remember that happy employees result in happy customers!

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