LEGO® Serious Play® (LSP), build your way to better business

mf-lego-articleDeveloped by the two professors Johan Roos and Bart Victor at IMD in Switzerland in collaboration with the LEGO® Company, LSP is a creative method, based on highly accepted concepts and theories such as constructivism and storytelling. The advantages of this method are multiple: each participant is obliged to enter deep into the process and to participate actively with a positive attitude; for this reason introverts and extraverts alike share the same amount of input and their points of view with the group. Moreover it is a great team building exercise! And no, this does not mean that your employees will waste a whole day playing! On the contrary, this method is best used to solve complex problems in a collaborative way, to stay focused while solving them and to mobilize the group when it comes to implementing the solution. In fact, LSP is best for “fuzzy” questions, when you are not quite sure what the answer will be and when the whole group can contribute and provide input.

LEGO® Serious Play® (LSP), build your way to better business

Some examples:
  • Business model innovation: Are you thinking about creating your own company? Do you want to develop a new product, a new department or a new service? Do you have a group of experts in your company who can work together on rethinking what your company does? LSP works so well for these types of questions, because it generates “collaborative creativity”.
  • Create a common vision: Because LSP is such a collaborative approach participants contribute to the development of the solution and therefore also adhere to it – the basics of change management!
  • Enhance customer experience: This is one of the more specific questions for which we have used this method in our workshops. Every department of a company, even those without direct client contacts, contributes to the overall customer experience. Using LSPwe have succeeded in creating complete models of this customer experience, so that each employee sees his or her role in the process and understands how important he or she is in serving the client.
  • Team building: Do you need your employees to work together (even more)? Basically, every LSP activity is a team building exercise. Even if there is no specific task to accomplish, this method can be applied.

If any of this sounds familiar to you – all of the above topics are highly relevant questions in a change project, which is our core business here at MindForest. Here is a video of workshops, which we have conducted in the recent past using this method:

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