Team management: 7 ways of improving well-being and efficiency at work

How to improve health and well-being thanks to seven steps, three practical and 10 simple measures

Do effective teams share a secret? For Jean-Pierre Brun, healthy companies are those whose members feel good!

“The recipe for well-being in companies is so simple that many managers forget it and make it difficult for themselves by setting up complex processes,” explains the executive director of Stimulus (France).

In his book, “Le management d’équipe. Sept leviers pour améliorer bien-être et efficacité au travail” (Team management. Seven ways of improving well-being and efficiency at work), he defines the main principles of a healthy company and concludes that there is a very strong causal link between the well-being of people at work and corporate efficiency.

The approach is simple. To improve team productivity, organisations need to reintroduce the seven missing pieces of management into their practices: showing recognition, supporting employees, developing a culture of respect, reconciling work and personal life, controlling workload, encouraging autonomy and participation in decision-making, and clarifying everyone’s role.

One of the seven levers put forward is devoted to work-life balance. This now takes many forms. Employees seeking a better balance in this area are offered three possibilities:

To this end, it suggests a self-diagnosis grid based on the principles of leadership, management and work. It also proposes ten simple actions to be carried out by employees and their companies: for example, developing a work-life balance programme (action n°6), or becoming aware that working too much is bad for your health (action n°7).

Based on numerous interventions in companies, interviews with employees, managers and trade unionists, among others, the author approaches well-being and health at work in a pragmatic way with simple and quickly implemented solutions. For those who wish to go further, each chapter is accompanied by a self-diagnosis tool and a series of ten actions.

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