Identify roles and responsibilities with the RACI matrix

The RACI matrix can be used to structure a team at several levels: on the one hand, in the management of a particular project, but also more generally in the search for collective efficiency.

A RACI (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed) chart is a type of responsibility matrix or responsibility assignment matrix that assists in alleviating role confusion. It is a standard document and best practice used to map out and document the key activities and deliverables for the project and the individuals or groups that have responsibility for their completion, signoff, and awareness. RACI charts are typically created for complex projects; however, role confusion can happen even on simple projects[1].

The matrix will make it possible to identify the roles and responsibilities, as well as the interactions between team members. But how can you build such a matrix?

The RACI matrix or chart can also be found under – slightly – different names, such as the RACI model, RACI diagram or RACI map, and shapes, such as this example of a RACI map on the online whiteboard platform Miro. Its form may vary, but the objectives remain the same: identifying and visualising the key people in a project, as well as the distribution of roles and responsibilities, to hold the different stakeholders accountable and avoid human resources redundancies. 

This tool is part of a series of 50 method cards divided into 5 categories (Discover, Define, Develop, Deliver, and Animation & Communication Support), allowing the MindForest team to structure clients’ requests in an efficient way, relying on the skills, knowledge and experience of all consultants. These method cards are continuously upgraded by our knowledge management manager as the team takes on new trainings and certifications, so that we have everything we need to identify problems and find the best solutions.

If you wish to set up such an internal information structuring initiative, we can help you! Don’t wait any longer to contact us.

[1] Website (visited on 24/10/2022)


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