How to align engagement & performance in your company

The recent Business Room on 16.05.2024 was dedicated to the subject of engagement & performance and provided a unique opportunity for all participants to share their experiences and learn from each other in a friendly, knowledge-sharing environment.
The morning was also enhanced by a visit to the ALD Automotive Car Center premises, offering a full immersion in their innovative corporate culture.

Following the discussion with all participants, we have published this report

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Employee engagement is crucial to business performance and profitability. Traditional motivational levers are no longer enough, especially after Covid. It is essential to strike a balance between freedom and responsibility, to encourage humanity and communication, and to measure engagement proactively to identify personal levers and problem areas

  • The Luxembourg context plays a very important role.
  • Traditional motivational methods no longer bear sufficient fruits
  • Expectations have changed dramatically, for example in terms of flexibility, the need for autonomy and finding purpose at work.
  • Generational differences need to be taken into account, loyalty to an employer is becoming increasingly rare. 
  • The cost of recruitment is huge and it has become much more difficult to find the right profiles.
  • These are just some of the challenges facing people managers in Luxembourg.

Aligning engagement & performance: some key suggestions

The challenge of balancing commitment and performances closely linked to several factors:

Engagement as a performance lever

for improving organisational performance, customer satisfaction and attracting new talent.

The key role of line managers

they are the ones, who will put into practice the levers to boost both the engagement and the performance of their teams.

The added-value of People Analytics

by gathering data on the team and engaging in a dialogue by comparing this data with the manager’s experience in the field, Human resources specialists can support line managers. HR then becomes the manager’s partner, helping them to formulate targeted feedback and take decisions for their team.

Linking engagement to perfomance objectives

Engagement actions require long-term investment and must be aligned with the company”s strategic objectives. 


What is meant by "performance"?

It is crucial to understand what is exactly meant. For example growth in turnover, improvement in quality, talent retention and innovation … and how this is linked to engagement levels. 

Channeling employee engagement

Ensure that energy is directed towards the right expectations and objectives to avoid energy being dispersed ineffectively in  many directions.

What is the risk of not doing this?
  • Spreading actions too thinly, which can be very difficult to justify
  • Opening a Pandora’s box of wage demands and confusing employee engagement with employee satisfaction – in short doing everything and nothing to boost engagement, without much coherence or a clear idea of how it benefits the company.

What is at stake?

Engagement is "Being physically, cognitively and emotionally connected to your work"

Companies with high engagement levels generally:

are +21% more profitable

have 12% higher client satisfaction levels

enjoy 2.3 times higher growth levels

have 87% lower staff turnover levels

are 3.5 times more likely to be a market leader in their field

communicate clearly about their engagement vision and strategy

encourage employees to participate in the definition process

MindForest's approach

Our approach is based on a combination of pragmatic visual tools and our experience of over 20 years accompanying teams and in the field of change management with a team of experts in charge of human, organisational and strategic support. They work together to provide innovative solutions to boost employee engagement and increase your organisation’s productivity.


The diagram below shows how we can accompany your engagement project:


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What is MindForest's Business Room concept?

In order to guarantee the confidentiality of the discussions, access to this round table is by personal invitation and the discussions will take place behind closed doors, without media coverage.
MindForest’s role is that of an initiator and facilitator of debates, providing a framework for tackling difficult subjects and coming up with innovative responses.

The aim of the Business Room is to bring together:
1. Specialists/company decision-makers, whose core business is to support companies in their initiatives
2. Companies that have been affected by the issue, to talk about their experience and what they may have missed out on.

MindForest leads the discussion and highlights the fact that the cultural brick is essential to the foundations every company.
MindForest also emphasises that the human dimension must not be neglected and must be considered throughout the process of each transformation.


Going a step further:

MindForest has created the Engagement@Work tool to:

  • provide a scientific basis for analysis of employee engagement;
  • provide a dynamic dashboard to track employee engagement;
  • provide concrete measures for managers & HR professionals to implement based on a dialogue with the employees to be certain of defining the right approach;
  • provide a digitalised follow-up of the implementation of the suggestions for improvement;
  • provide a data set (measures and actions) for engagement based on a duplicable approach;
  • provide concrete support during the analytical, planning and rollout phases.


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