Are You Moving Office? How Can We Help You?

In this article we will explain why it is important to seek professional support when planning a professional move.
Perhaps you already realise that you will require support? So, how could MindForest be of assistance?

Ranging from providing simple advice to a 360° accompanying strategy, we have identified 8 main areas in which we can provide support:

  • framing and vision
  • post-move follow-up
  • organisation of the move
  • organisation in the new building
  • change management support
  • internal communication
  • workplace strategy
  • needs analysis

Project Framing and Vision

We generally say that a move provides a great opportunity to change. It constitutes far more than a simple relocation, and rather the chance to optimize performance, as well as improve employee engagement. We can help you determine the ambition of your moveHow do you want to:

  • Make the most of your new workplace?
  • Improve your collaborative culture?
  • Highlight the change (new strategy, new culture,…)?
  • Optimise your processes and workflows?
  • Improve the well-being of your employees?

There are so many possibilities, so you need to take full advantage of this opportunity.

We can also help you identify any underlying risks linked to the project, e.g. the risk of losing talent, the risk of a fall in efficiency levels,… If you are already at an advanced stage in your project, our team of experts can help you to take stock of the situation:

  • How much progress have you made?
  • What have you already achieved?
  • What remains to be done?
  • Has anything been forgotten?

We’ve put together a check list of over 60 points to remember, divided into 9 categories, to help employees, customers and suppliers during your relocation.

Needs analysis

Involving your employees in the needs analysis is extremely important. Our facilitators can help you to document requirements by means of an online survey, interviews conducted with your employees/managers, team workshops or cross-functional workshops. Do you know what they really need in the new building?

You may ask yourself, but why would we use your services, isn’t that the role of the architect?
In fact, we always work closely with the architects and thus our facilitation skills bring real added value. We will question the status quo and challenge your collaborators, in order to avoid reproducing the same thing at a different location, we will analyse and improve what already exists.

Workplace Strategy

We can also help you create your workplace strategy. We analyse workflows to assess who really works with whom, who needs to be close to whom? Together with your teams, we co-create the space-planning to optimise productivity and communication between your employees.

Internal communication

The importance of communication during a period of change is well established, which is why having access to regular information from the beginning of a project is essential. From the (co)construction of your communication plan to the creation of your visual supports and/or digital media, as well as to advice/coach regarding on-site implementation, our multidisciplinary team is here to help you.

Change support

Have you decided to take advantage of this opportunity to anchor a sustainable change, implement/roll-out a new strategy, foster more collaboration, introduce open offices and/or flex desk (no dedicated office for your employees)? We can accompany your teams to ensure that the transition goes smoothly.

The layout of your new building

Life in the new building needs to be organised:
  • Which type of catering facilities will there be? Where should the vending machines be installed? What are we going to put in them? Drinks? Snacks? Organic food? Fair trade products?
  • Have you considered mobility issues? How will the parking facilities be? Will there be fewer parking spaces than before, what are the alternatives?
  • What will the new procedures for access, visits, room reservations, etc. be?

We can help you by facilitating topial working groups, so that everything has been thought of and is readily installed/planned when your employees arrive.

Organising the move

What about the “big” day? Have you thought about it? How will you organise the logistics of the move? Is everyone moving at the same time? Over 1 week? 1 month? 3 months? Who will move first? What are the constraints for the first employees to enter the building? 

“You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.”

And on that first day? How will you welcome your employees?
From a fun game to a classic welcome presentation, we can help you.

Move follow up

A common mistake is to believe that once the big day is over, it’s all over. We can also help you to follow up after the move. Find out how your employees feel in the new environment. Are there things that can/should be improved? Are they able to collaborate better in their new surroundings?

For a move, we have divided the 8 elements of a move into our change management approach of 5 phases:.

Let us help you

Are you planning to move your offices?