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Adoption d’une nouvelle plateforme de collaboration technique sur 11 sites dans 8 pays

MindForest accompagne Cebi pendant cette période de transformation pour assurer l'adoption de la nouvelle solution sur les 11 sites et faciliter le déploiement dans une perspective de changement.
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[TÉLÉCHARGEMENT GRATUIT] De la crise aux nouvelles façons de travailler : les modes hybrides dans le monde post-2020

Nous avons discuté avec des dirigeants d'entreprises luxembourgeoises et basées au Luxembourg lors de notre dernier Business Room sur le thème : "De la crise aux nouvelles façons de travailler : les modes hybrides dans le monde post-2020".

L’onboarding des utilisateurs dans un projet de transformation digitale

Lorsqu’une entreprise entame un projet consistant à changer le principal logiciel qui sous-tend son activité, c’est bien plus qu’un changement d’outil dont il s’agit. On parle de transformation digitale de l’entreprise car c’est toute la colonne vertébrale touchant aux processus et au système d’information qui est remise à plat et repensée.

How digital badges can improve business performance

Digital badges have gained increasing recognition as micro credentials and pedagogical tools over the last decade. They serve as a practical way to engage with employees and recognise accomplishment as part of an online program and they can also be useful in creating awareness among colleagues, potential employers or managers of new professional skill sets or achievements. In our previous article published a few weeks ago, we already talked about how digital badges changed the logic of the certification process, both in an educational context and in professional organisations. Now we would like to talk more about how digital badges can be applied to improve business performance. How can they contribute to improving business performance and how they can change employees’ behaviour?
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Focus sur l’Intelligence Collective

Depuis plusieurs années, on assiste à l’émergence de notions dans les stratégies organisationnelles des entreprises : collaboration, partage des connaissances, qualité des interactions entre les membres d’une équipe ou encore développement de la capacité à la prise d’initiative et de décision. Afin d’augmenter leur efficacité et leur performance opérationnelle, certaines entreprises réinventent leurs modes de travail, et passent d’une approche basée sur l’intelligence individuelle vers une intelligence dite « collective ».
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Digital Badges: why they are important for engagement?

Originally badges were a heraldic symbol worn by knights to denote the completion of a pilgrimage or as a mark of political allegiance. The badge has long been associated with displays of rank and achievement and, more recently, with advertising, branding and visual identification. A Digital Badge serves both as recognition of learning or achievement and digital proof of that accomplishment.

How Business Intelligence can Fuel Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is today one of the most important topics in each c-level agenda. Digital transformation is about how we shape the future of our businesses, how we select the best people to hire for the next 5 to 10 years and above all how we interact with our clients or prospects. Today we want to talk about how we can make it more real and how we can help our people leverage the digital mindset to do better business every day.

Information Overload or Filter Failure?

While remote work wasn’t a completely new phenomena, according to STATEC 20% already worked partially remotely in Luxembourg in 2018. Nonetheless, digital interconnectedness made it possible for most people to make the switch to home office from one week to the other when the pandemic hit. The same digital blessings that made this possible, have also highlighted certain digital challenges when it comes to navigating a hyperconnected world.

Digital Literacy for Everyone!

Digitalisation has been a huge talking point over the past couple of years and has become even more meaningful since the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic. Remote work, home schooling and communicating at a distance have all played a major role in limiting social interactions to a minimum as means of preventing the virus from bringing down our health care systems.