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Meyer-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI): a tool to better understand changes!

More than ever, companies are facing profound changes in the way they organise and manage their work. As the health crisis has exacerbated and accelerated this process, roles and responsibilities have had to be rethought, emotions managed and new work practices adopted. And employees are the first to be impacted, many of them forced to leave their comfort zones. It goes without saying that it is not always easy to maintain self-control and a sense of direction in this type of situation.

Is Your Focus on Collective Intelligence?

For several years now, we have been witnessing the emergence of concepts such as collaboration/cooperation, knowledge sharing, recognition of the importance of the quality of interactions between team members and the development of initiative and decision-making skills in work groups. All of these are becoming more and more important with respect to organisational corporate strategies. In order to increase their efficiency and operational performance, some companies are reinventing their working methods and moving from an approach based on individual intelligence to a so-called “collective intelligence”

Digital Badges: why they are important for engagement?

Originally badges were a heraldic symbol worn by knights to denote the completion of a pilgrimage or as a mark of political allegiance. The badge has long been associated with displays of rank and achievement and, more recently, with advertising, branding and visual identification. A Digital Badge serves both as recognition of learning or achievement and digital proof of that accomplishment.

Back to the Office – Yes, but How ?

The health crisis has caused disruptions in the organisation of work for all, and for many this has resulted in more or less long periods of telecommuting. With the start of the school year in September, a more generalized return to the office is announced. Nevertheless, this return is not easy and requires a certain vigilance on the part of the organizations, in order to best accompany their employees.

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L’expérience managériale n’existe pas !

Structure plate, digitalisation, coordination des équipes à distance, désirs de flexibilité et d’autonomie sont les nouveaux défis des managers d’aujourd’hui. Ce qui conditionne le succès de leur rôle est de savoir s’adapter au nouveau contexte plus que l’expérience antérieure : la mise en place du télétravail de façon intensive et précipitée liée à la crise du Covid-19 constitue un exemple significatif en ce sens. Comment alors développer l’expérience managériale ?

[07/07/20] Webinar BrainBreakfast : L’expérience managériale n’existe pas !

MindForest est heureux de vous inviter à son BrainBreakfast virtuel « L’expérience managériale n’existe pas ! », qui aura lieu le mardi 07 juillet 2020 de 9h00 à 10h00 en ligne !

MF Alliance Interview with Pedro Castilho, Verbalius

Pedro, could you briefly introduce yourself?
I am the founder of Verbalius Sàrl, a company dedicated to executive coaching in public speaking, debating and public relations skills. As a tireless connector, I’ve been involved at board level in the International Junior Chamber and Indian Business Chamber Luxembourg and I’m currently a board member of the International School of Luxembourg and a mentor with the Incubator of the University of Luxembourg. After a career spanning two decades in banking and with 25 years experience in public speaking, I’ve made it my mission to help people to become successful public speakers.

Team Building – Favorisez la cohésion d’équipe à distance !

Le travail à distance, et plus particulièrement le télétravail, tend aujourd’hui à se généraliser avec le développement des nouveaux outils digitaux. Ce choix présente de nombreux avantages à la fois pour l’entreprise et les collaborateurs, mais il y a également des conséquences à ne pas négliger.
En effet, le travail à distance ne favorise pas le développement des relations interpersonnelles, les interactions entre collègues ou avec la hiérarchie, il ralentit la communication directe et les collaborateurs peuvent ressentir un sentiment de cloisonnement et d’isolation par rapport à leur environnement de travail. Cela entraîne la perte des objectifs collectifs, le partage des connaissances, mais surtout la culture d’entreprise.