Managing expectations to achieve your goals

Nous vous proposons aujourd’hui de vous expliquer d’une part ce qu’est la gestion des attentes et ses avantages, et d’autre part de vous donner quelques clés sur la manière de gérer vos attentes, que ce soit sur le plan personnel ou professionnel, pour atteindre vos objectifs.

Driving towards success: the facilitator as a key player for your communities of practice

Creating collaborative environments within teams and especially communities is a key objective for both private and public organisations. They harness knowledge, enable problem solving and drive innovation within these organisations. What is the importance of the facilitator of the community of practice? What are their roles, responsibilities and challenges? And how can they be supported?

Interview with Ghita Benkirane, expert in change management through neuroscience

Recently, MindForest spoke with Ghita Benkirane, expert in change management through neuroscience and founder of the company Art&Management. We discussed her multicultural background and her recent partnership with MindForest to integrate this skill into projects with our clients.

The most common mistakes in Change Management

Change is never the easiest thing to do. Thanks to our long experience in change management and the various projects we have carried out with our clients, we have put together the most common mistakes in a change process so that you can avoid them.

Interview avec Luc Wagner, Directeur Général de WW+

MindForest a récemment interviewé Luc Wagner, Directeur Général de WW+ (Architecture & Urban Design). Il nous a évoqué son meilleur souvenir d’un projet de déménagement intégrant une approche collaborative et aussi il nous a donné quelques conseils pour les entreprises qui souhaitent déménager.

Move – Why should you be supported?

A move is a company project, so it is necessary to involve a maximum of people in this project. During the implementation of this one, many difficulties will appear. Lack of communication, lack of time, lack of involvement, etc. It is therefore important to be accompanied in this ordeal.

CHANGEx the learning platform dedicated to Change Management will soon be available in English

After the launch of the French version in mid-March 2021, this summer we will present a new release of our learning platform, CHANGEx, this time in English. This constitutes an important new step for the online learning platform, as English speakers will now be able to benefit from the same solid theoretical background and practical tools as the platform’s first users.

Une plateforme de e-learning made in Luxembourg dédiée à la gestion du changement

Après plusieurs mois de travail, MindForest annonce le lancement imminent de sa plateforme de formation en ligne dédiée aux clés de la gestion du changement : CHANGEx. Revenons sur cette initiative menée en interne avec les deux porteurs du projet : Guy Kerger, Founder & Managing Partner et Aurélie Poncelet, Delivery Manager & Change Management Consultant. Rejoignez les bêta-testeurs à la fin de l’article !

Change – An Opportunity to Thrive

“The 33-year average tenure of companies on the S&P 500 in 1964 narrowed to 24 years by 2016 and is forecast to shrink to just 12 years by 2027.”
This is one of the outcomes of a recent study on industry change, mergers and acquisition activities and disruptive start-ups, raising questions around what change management actually means.