Transforming from a siloed, individualistic work model to a hybrid, collaborative way of working

MindForest assisted the client in developing a more collaborative approach in a hybrid environment. Some of the working conditions imposed due to the pandemic had positive feedback from their teams. This is the reason why the client decided to implement New Ways of Working.

Managing expectations to achieve your goals

Nous vous proposons aujourd’hui de vous expliquer d’une part ce qu’est la gestion des attentes et ses avantages, et d’autre part de vous donner quelques clés sur la manière de gérer vos attentes, que ce soit sur le plan personnel ou professionnel, pour atteindre vos objectifs.

Re-motivated Management Team with Strengthened Cohesion for this Luxembourg Retail Group

MindForest supported the client in a professional and personal development campaign for its management teams, as part of the consolidation of the career plan aimed at promoting people internally, encouraging skills upgrading and internal mobility for key positions and, more globally, structuring their approach to talent management.

Interview with Dr Keith Amoss, a Professional Career Coach

MindForest met with Dr Keith Amoss, a Certified Professional Career Coach, we discussed the importance of career development opportunities, how this has changed over the years and the pandemic and some essential tips for successful career development.

CHANGEx the learning platform dedicated to Change Management will soon be available in English

After the launch of the French version in mid-March 2021, this summer we will present a new release of our learning platform, CHANGEx, this time in English. This constitutes an important new step for the online learning platform, as English speakers will now be able to benefit from the same solid theoretical background and practical tools as the platform’s first users.

Why has managerial courage become so essential to help you achieve your goals?

In these times of uncertainty, there are many factors that can lead to stress. The feeling of “loss of meaning” in one’s own actions is increasingly present among employees. As a result, the search for bearings in the professional world is no longer a phenomenon to be underestimated. Once mainly expected from local managers, as well as from members of the Executive Board, over the past few years, “managerial courage” seems to have become one of the main levers, which enable organisations to achieve their objectives. Paradoxically, more often than not this essential skill is poorly represented.
But what is “managerial courage”? How is it characterised? How can it be developed to benefit your teams and your company?

Leaders, 5 bonnes raisons de faire l’expérience du coaching

Le coaching est une démarche de développement personnel et/ou professionnel qui permet à un individu ou à un groupe, d’identifier et de développer son potentiel et ses performances. Dans cet article, nous vous proposons 5 bonnes raisons de faire l’expérience du coaching pour les leaders, que vous soyez un leader vous-même ou que vous souhaitiez donner l’opportunité aux leaders de votre organisation de parfaire leurs modes de fonctionnement.

Leaders, 5 Good Reasons to Experience Coaching

Coaching is a personal and/or professional development process that enables an individual or group to identify and develop their potential and performance. In this article, we propose 5 good reasons for leaders to experience coaching; whether you are a leader yourself or whether you want to give leaders in your organisation the opportunity to improve the way they operate.

Une plateforme de e-learning made in Luxembourg dédiée à la gestion du changement

Après plusieurs mois de travail, MindForest annonce le lancement imminent de sa plateforme de formation en ligne dédiée aux clés de la gestion du changement : CHANGEx. Revenons sur cette initiative menée en interne avec les deux porteurs du projet : Guy Kerger, Founder & Managing Partner et Aurélie Poncelet, Delivery Manager & Change Management Consultant. Rejoignez les bêta-testeurs à la fin de l’article !

What is the most intelligent way to exploit your potential using MBTI and Coaching?

Surely you are the best judge of yourself? How could you then gain an in-depth appraisal of yourself? MindForest can provide you with access to this type of reflection by offering you the opportunity to get to know yourself better and thus to achieve your future potential thanks to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and Coaching tools.