Le premier épisode du podcast “CHANGEx on Air” est enfin disponible

MindForest a le plaisir de vous annoncer la sortie du premier épisode de son podcast CHANGEx on Air, un podcast dédié à la gestion du changement en entreprise. Avec l’aide de psychologues, sociologues, neurologues, chercheurs et autres experts, nous tenterons – au fil des épisodes de ce podcast – de vous donner les clés pour comprendre et réussir vos changements organisationnels. Le thème de ce premier épisode est “Qu’est-ce que le changement ?”.

[20/10/2021] Learn about Change to Learn to Change

Webinar on October 20th 2021 between 6-7 pm CET. Amcham, MindForest and the LACC New York are delighted to invite you to our webinar “Learn about Change to learn Change”. Change management can be learnt by anyone, with the right means and support. In addition, great tools to implement change management already exist, and many other people have faced or are facing the same challenges as you. In this webinar, discover why, how, and where to find all of this to succeed in your future change projects.

A key partner: a change ambassadors’ network

If collective intelligence is essential for the dynamism of a company, it also has its place in a change project, where it can take the form of a network of change ambassadors. In this article, find out why the human factor and potential should not be neglected in a change project, what the consequences of a lack of consideration for the human factor are, the ideal profile of an ambassador, how to set up a network of ambassadors, etc.

CHANGEx the learning platform dedicated to Change Management will soon be available in English

After the launch of the French version in mid-March 2021, this summer we will present a new release of our learning platform, CHANGEx, this time in English. This constitutes an important new step for the online learning platform, as English speakers will now be able to benefit from the same solid theoretical background and practical tools as the platform’s first users.

Design thinking – just a buzz word or an opportunity for everyone?

The “design thinking” methodology is not new – but in recent years it has made its way into the most diverse business domains. One of the reasons for its success is that it clearly focuses on the end user. In an iterative process, assumptions are continuously questioned in order to gradually approach the “right” solution. This process is usually divided into six phases; in the following article we will go into more detail about the change resistances you may encounter.

Meyer-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI): a tool to better understand changes!

More than ever, companies are facing profound changes in the way they organise and manage their work. As the health crisis has exacerbated and accelerated this process, roles and responsibilities have had to be rethought, emotions managed and new work practices adopted. And employees are the first to be impacted, many of them forced to leave their comfort zones. It goes without saying that it is not always easy to maintain self-control and a sense of direction in this type of situation.

The 5 roles of internal communication in a change management context

Role n°1 of Internal Communication: not to make the project fail – Still too many of our clients contact us just a few weeks before the launch of a project that will structure their company. This is the nature of this type of project, which is so demanding and multifaceted: often the technical side takes precedence over the human side. Let’s do something to change McKinsey’s figure, which estimates a 70% failure rate for company transformation objectives. And internal communication is a success factor that must be used to this end.

Has Agile failed?

Companies often refer to Agile as a way of responding more accurately to customer needs, as a means of working more transparently whilst empowering employees to assume further responsibility for their actions. Whereas the advantages that come along with an agile approach may seem promising, numerous companies fail to implement it as a valuable way of working.

How to communicate the need for Change and boost your Change project

It is a truism to say that the rule for organisations is to change continuously. It is also well known that resistance to change is regularly observed, causing most change efforts to fail. Even when the need for change is apparently straightforward, people may resist for various reasons. Therefore, this article will highlight aspects that can help change leaders to effectively communicate the need for change and mobilise their employees to make change happen.

Une plateforme de e-learning made in Luxembourg dédiée à la gestion du changement

Après plusieurs mois de travail, MindForest annonce le lancement imminent de sa plateforme de formation en ligne dédiée aux clés de la gestion du changement : CHANGEx. Revenons sur cette initiative menée en interne avec les deux porteurs du projet : Guy Kerger, Founder & Managing Partner et Aurélie Poncelet, Delivery Manager & Change Management Consultant. Rejoignez les bêta-testeurs à la fin de l’article !