MindForest soutient l’apprentissage des langues

Rosalba Donatiello-Marinelli

Teacher of a C1-class (Complexe Scolaire Grande-Duchesse Maria Teresa, Mondorf)

The pedagogic impact

“I have learnt to listen better and to appreciate exactly what is being said. I have learnt a great deal about what I hear and how the children react, because the whole subject of languages is so vast and complex that I really believe I should not merely concentrate on what I might have seen or what I would like to see.

It is so important to think further, to consider what the children were thinking about and then to work with them on what they are trying to express. As a result, I ask myself more questions, because I am documenting the language used in a more conscious way. I am even keener to see and hear things from a different perspective.”

Oral and visual traces

“In our class, children are really used to telling stories; they usually comment on them afterwards. When they have painted something or done some artwork, we ask them to explain their creation. Then they explain what it is all about. We always take notes, so that there are records of everything that has been said. Thanks to iTEO, we now have an oral trace and for the other productions we can add a visual trace to the written notes.”

Team building

“It is interesting to see that the composition of the groups has a huge influence on the content produced. You notice different ideas and changes in the way they interact or on the basis of the way they distribute their roles differently. Sometimes one helps the other to translate or find the right words. They love to practise in small groups what they want to say in front of the whole class, it is like a bit of coaching.”


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