Lunch’n’Learn : Moving Premises? A Great Opportunity for Change!

On Tuesday 8th October MindForest hosted its second Lunch’n’Learn in English at House 17 in Luxembourg City.

Among other tips and tricks, Aurélie Poncelet, consultant at MindForest, explained to the participants that a move is not only about logistics, but that you need to focus on the people side of a move, take their fears and questions into account and provide them with answers. Explain why you are planning to move, so they understand the need. One should never underestimate, that a move is a major change!

Aurélie ensured the participation of the audience by doing a quick creative post-it exercise to get people into the topic.

Lots of ideas came out of the brainstorming and the participants quickly agreed that transparency and communication are essential, as is a clearly mapped plan of what will happen when and why. Get all the employees on board, if possible, ask their opinions and ensure that communication lines flow freely: top-down and bottom-up.

By identifying the main challenges posed by the physical move you may be able to provide solutions, e.g. encourage car sharing by allocating priority parking to resolve mobility issues. Avoid moving with all your excess “baggage” by launching a challenge to get cupboards cleared out, so you only pack what you really need – you can even make this into a charity event by sponsoring the weight of paper recycled or cupboard space cleared out.

You may decide to make the most of the move to reappraise your processes, but don’t try and “pack” too much into the move project or you may find that your employees can’t cope, a move is stressful enough without making it more complicated.

The main message of this Lunch’n’Learn event was that with the help of suitable support materials and ongoing appropriate communication, a move can constitute a positive experience with benefits for everyone: new modern working spaces, an easily accessible coffee corner, less time spent in meetings thanks to the new standing meeting furniture, but you need to explain and nurture this new working culture as much as you need to encourage your employees to embrace new working methods and reduce their paper consumption.

This is why moving premises is a great opportunity for change!

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