[22/03/2022] Get Your Morning Knowledge Shot on Talent Management & the Employee Life Cycle

Knowledge Shot


A brand new online event concept for maximum knowledge in the smallest amount of time before starting your day

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Event by MindForest Knowledge Shot Talent Management March 2022

MindForest and its partner P’OP are thrilled to invite you to their upcoming event, an early morning Knowledge Shot on the topic of Talent Management and the Employee Lifecycle.

Time is precious, but gaining new knowledge is priceless. This is why we’ve designed this 30-minute quiz-exposé to fit perfectly into your busy schedule. What better way to start the day?

Get ready for an exciting experience packed with insightful information and interactions with the speaker-facilitators!

🧠 Learn about different ways of welcoming and nurturing talents in your team during the many stages of their journey with your company;
💎 Gain exclusive access to tools and tips and be prepared to build your own programme in collaboration with the other participants and our experts.

Do not wait until the last minute to claim your free ticket, join us online on Tuesday, March 22nd 2022 from 8:30 to 9:00 AM.

Before Friday, March 18th 2022

Depending on the participants’ choices, we may discuss HOW TO…

  • Attract, welcome and retain new talents in your company.
  • Nurture existing talents of your team.
  • Juggle with generations and make the most out of their different characteristics.

And many other exciting hot topics related to talent management along the employee life cycle, to discover at the beginning of the event.


  • 08:30am・Welcome

    Who will be your speakers and facilitators during these 30 minutes. Why not take a pre-event look at Nathalie and Béatrix profiles on LinkedIn.

  • 08:35am・Introduction

    Everything you need to know about the new “Knowledge Shot” event format by MindForest. How will we work together today?

  • 08:40am・The 7-question Quiz

    Build your programme as you go by answering the speakers/facilitators 7-question “True or False” quiz and by choosing the 2 most important topics of the day!

  • 08:45am・Your Knowledge Shot

    Your speakers/facilitators will give you insights on the 2 most important topics selected by the audience, as well as practical tips to improve these aspect(s) of your talent management strategy

  • 08:55am・Wrap-up

Meet the Speakers

Nathalie Michiels

Nathalie Michiels

Occupational Psychologist & Change Management Consultant at MindForest

Nathalie has a master’s degree in occupational psychology with a specialisation in personnel and organisational management. Nathalie has proven work experience in HR management and consultancy, as well as project management skills. At MindForest, Nathalie manages change management projects (fusions, restructuration/reorganisation) and guides companies and people through the implementation of a culture of well-being at work. Nathalie is also a certified MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) practitioner authorizing her to use this universally recognized psychometric tool and thus integrate it in a wide range of solutions related to training and professional/personal development.

Thanks to her training as an occupational psychologist, she can apply and adapt well-founded theoretical knowledge to suit the given context. Her manifold experience covers a wide range of competences, for example in the field of professional motivation, satisfaction and commitment; as well as team working including the impact of organisational factors on individual and team work.

Béatrix Charlier

Béatrix Charlier

CEO & Founder of P’OP, Editor of P’OP-TALENT & POPEVOL, Author

Created in 2016 in Luxembourg, the consulting firm P’OP is managed by Béatrix Charlier.
P’OP proposes to companies to (re) define their values and act so that they are in line with the aspirations of their employees, in order to motivate them to invest themselves in the long term. The firm operates directly within companies, through participative workshops, to help recruit talent and improve the smooth flow of interpersonal collaboration.
Thanks to its founder Beatrix Charlier‘s experience in the corporate world, coaching, teaching and coordinating European projects, P’OP offers companies an innovative approach to discover or bring out talent, improve intergenerational collaboration in the workplace and unite teams around a common project that will help the company grow and everyone flourish.
P’OP accompanies businesses in their digital and managerial transformation with 2 digital tools:
B-talent © : A talent test that measures the adequacy of talents with the position held or to be filled and that allows to determine the generational profile of employees, a real managerial key
POPEVOL’ © : A new evaluation and continuous reporting model for the business, fast and efficient. A great evolution lever based on benevolence, agility and consistency.

Practical Information

  • Date

    Tuesday, March 22nd 2022 from 08:30 to 09:00 AM

  • Venue

    Online event, on ZOOM

  • Ticket

    Free event, compulsory registration

Join us online on March 22nd at 08:30am to find out more.
We look forward to welcoming you!

Important information

We have chosen to offer you a very short event and therefore to take up the challenge of providing you with a maximum of information in a minimum of time, via a truly interactive format. You will participate in determining the themes that will be discussed… although obviously this means that not everyone will see their favorite theme developed during the presentation.

That’s why, by registering for the event, you will also get an exclusive notification to read the post-event interview with our two experts, during which they will address the topics which were not chosen during the live session and also share even more practical tips.

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