CHANGEx the learning platform dedicated to Change Management will soon be available in English

After the launch of the French version in mid-March 2021, this summer we will present a new release of our learning platform, CHANGEx, this time in English. This constitutes an important new step for the online learning platform, as English speakers will now be able to benefit from the same solid theoretical background and practical tools as the platform’s first users.

It is estimated that employees of any given company are subject to an average of 3 changes at the same time, making managing change one of the biggest challenges of many leaders. To support companies of all sizes and from all economic sectors in facing transformations and/or in leading successful changes, MindForest has conceived and developed a unique and comprehensive digital learning solution: CHANGEx.

“The CHANGEx platform is intended for all those who have to manage change. Change Managers of course, but also project managers, CEOs, department heads, etc. It has been specially designed to provide everything needed for people who have no prior knowledge of change management,” explains

Aurélie Poncelet, Project Manager.

CHANGEx provides its users with all they need to autonomously learn and experience change management: a solid theoretical background, a 5-step practical method and a toolbox including ready-to-use templates, developed by a multidisciplinary team with more than 20 years of experience in the field. CHANGEx users will even be able to gain certification and share this success with their professional network thanks to a system of digital badges, generated following the successful completion of each specific skill level.

A platform that will keep growing even faster when the English version is released.

“We are in the process of setting up a network of European partners (in Portugal, Switzerland and Germany), who will use this platform in their own environment, for their customers, in a complementary manner and with their own services,”

Guy Kerger, Founder and Managing Partner of MindForest.

The English version of CHANGEx will be made available during the coming weeks and, as was the case for the French version launched a few months ago, it will include the offer of a 7-day free trial. For more information, please consult the Experience Hub page on or subscribe to our newsletter here.

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