Digital Workplace Culture – The Future is Now!

Are you envisioning to go digital with your company? Then you have probably set up a transformation strategy and have it planned through. Well done!
Yet have you also taken your current organisational culture into consideration? If not, then your transition towards a digital future will most probably be in danger.
Did you know that a recent McKinsey (2016) study has shown that the biggest hurdle companies have to face when going digital is actually their own culture?

Profitez de la crise pour repenser votre positionnement stratégique !

Avec le Covid-19 une grande partie de notre économie a été ralentie. Certains secteurs se sont retrouvés presque complètement à l’arrêt du jour au lendemain. Certaines organisations ont été prises de cours, d’autres ont rebondi rapidement et certaines s’interrogent encore sur leur avenir.

Les exemples d’entreprise qui ont revu ou adapté leur positionnement stratégique ne manquent pas :

#Digital Pro – It’s a Mindset!

Digital transformation of the economy and the workplace is not a new phenomenon. It was already making rapid inroads thanks to digitalisation based on AI, big data and robotization, however the current Covid-19 confinement has provoked a huge step forward with almost everyone working from home, we have reached a new tipping point.
While digital transformation might have sounded far reached to some just a few months ago, today it has become clear that our ways of working will never return to the way things were and we all have to adapt to the “new normal”. The current situation has precipitated fundamental changes in our working practices; we have had to respond with agile thinking to transform our business routines digitally from one day to the next.
So how is a proper digital transformation set up for success?
When can we proudly conclude that we have transformed our business digitally and are up to speed? How do we know?

The Crucial Truth about Employee Empowerment

The concept of employee empowerment has evolved considerably during the past years, in fact this evolution has gone hand in hand with the way employees see their relationship with their employer. Gone are the days of sixty hour weeks with no thanks or recompense, gone are the days of staying with one employer all your working life and above all gone are the days of accepting a professional stalemate situation. However, this does not mean that employee empowerment is all about trade unions and collective agreements, it is in fact a far less tangible and yet all the more crucial aspect of the way we expect to work: nowadays people expect to be treated humanely, they expect their competencies to be recognized and they want to be able to determine how they will set about tackling their tasks and meeting their objectives. Far more people than you would probably imagine want to see progress, this motivates them to work overtime and go that extra mile.

Working Remotely? How to Navigate towards Increased Engagement!

Were you wondering why there has been all this recent buzz about engagement? Looking at studies from 2017, Gallup found that in Luxembourg approximately 80% of the respondents felt disengaged in their work and in addition 12% felt actively disengaged – and Luxembourg is among the countries that had better figures than most! This means that a lot of companies have to deal with disengaged and actively disengaged employees, who do not perform to their best ability, all of which inevitably has a direct impact on their productivity levels. In the case of Germany, Gallup estimated the loss in productivity due to actively disengaged employees at between €73 billion and €95 billion per year . This explains why it has become so crucial for companies to consider engagement and to ask themselves how they can turn things around and motivate their employees.

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Management à distance : ne laissez pas la crise ternir votre leadership !

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