Réussir son workshop à distance en 4 étapes

Lorsque vous conduisez un workshop, vous constituez le catalyseur du groupe de réflexion. Pour en optimiser les résultats/aboutissements vous devez maitriser à la fois les méthodologies de conception d’un atelier, les tactiques de facilitation ainsi que les différents outils dans le cas de collaboration à distance. En effet, les ateliers à distance sont entrés dans la nouvelle norme du travail collaboratif et comprennent des spécificités dont il faut absolument tenir compte pour valoriser l’intelligence collective.

DigComp and EntreComp European frameworks: a real opportunity for businesses

Today, digital skills are vital for almost all jobs in modern economies. digital technology is not simply influencing how we go about our lives – it is transforming traditional structures, methods and assumptions about how we communicate, learn, work and live. In the face of such transformation, the reality is that 44% of Europeans still do not have basic digital skills while 79% of Europeans go online regularly (at least once per week) and all projections are that a majority of forms of work will require digital skills in the near future. To remedy this situation, developing the digital skills of the EU workforce is essential; and to take up this challenge, the European Union created 2 different frameworks that can be used to assess and develop digital and entrepreneurial skills: the “DigComp” and the “Entrecomp” frameworks.

Design thinking - just a buzz word or an opportunity for everyone?

The "design thinking" methodology is not new – but in recent years it has made its way into the most diverse business domains. One of the reasons for its success is that it clearly focuses on the end user. In an iterative process, assumptions are continuously questioned in order to gradually approach the "right" solution. This process is usually divided into six phases; in the following article we will go into more detail about the change resistances you may encounter.
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Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI): un levier pour mieux appréhender les changements !

Plus que jamais les entreprises doivent faire face à des changements profonds dans leur organisation et la gestion de leur travail. La crise sanitaire ayant exacerbé et accéléré ce processus, il a fallu repenser les rôles et responsabilités, gérer les émotions et adopter de nouveaux usages professionnels. Et les collaborateurs sont les premiers à être impactés, forcés pour beaucoup à sortir de leur zone de confort. Il faudra bien admettre ici qu’il n’est pas toujours évident de garder la maîtrise de soi et une ligne directrice dans ce genre de situation.
MindForest, has Agile failed?

Has Agile failed?

Companies often refer to Agile as a way of responding more accurately to customer needs, as a means of working more transparently whilst empowering employees to assume further responsibility for their actions. Whereas the advantages that come along with an agile approach may seem promising, numerous companies fail to implement it as a valuable way of working.
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Focus sur l’Intelligence Collective

Depuis plusieurs années, on assiste à l’émergence de notions dans les stratégies organisationnelles des entreprises : collaboration, partage des connaissances, qualité des interactions entre les membres d’une équipe ou encore développement de la capacité à la prise d’initiative et de décision. Afin d’augmenter leur efficacité et leur performance opérationnelle, certaines entreprises réinventent leurs modes de travail, et passent d’une approche basée sur l’intelligence individuelle vers une intelligence dite « collective ».
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Digital Badges: why they are important for engagement?

Originally badges were a heraldic symbol worn by knights to denote the completion of a pilgrimage or as a mark of political allegiance. The badge has long been associated with displays of rank and achievement and, more recently, with advertising, branding and visual identification. A Digital Badge serves both as recognition of learning or achievement and digital proof of that accomplishment.

How Business Intelligence can Fuel Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is today one of the most important topics in each c-level agenda. Digital transformation is about how we shape the future of our businesses, how we select the best people to hire for the next 5 to 10 years and above all how we interact with our clients or prospects. Today we want to talk about how we can make it more real and how we can help our people leverage the digital mindset to do better business every day.

Digitalisation: Will it be Your Organisation’s Accelerator?

Working from home – it has been all over the news and certainly the spread of COVID-19 has had its effect. However, the concept of working from home is far from being brand-new since it has been around for a couple of years now. It is rather the speed by which companies have had to adapt their internal organisation which has had such an impact. Being forced to digitise within a couple of days has encouraged companies all around the world to promote their digital agendas. So now, the question has been raised, how one can benefit from this swift change in habits to redefine corporate organisation in a meaningful way?

[13/05/20] Webinar BrainBreakfast: Digitalisation: Will it be Your Organisation’s Accelerator?

MindForest is delighted to invite you to its virtual BrainBreakfast “Digitalisation: Will it be Your Organisation’s Accelerator?” which will take place on 13th May 2020 from 9:00 to 10:00 online.