Co-creation and adoption of new collaboration workspaces for an administration with 900,000 beneficiaries

MindForest accompanied the CNS in the run-up to the move to ensure the adoption of the new collaborative spaces and to gather feedback for the future move of all departments to the Cité de la sécurité sociale in 2023. This building, in Luxembourg City, will bring together all the social security authorities and departments of the CNS. The CNS wishes to convert its new premises into collaborative spaces with open offices for 4 to 8 people.

Interview avec Luc Wagner, Directeur Général de WW+

MindForest a récemment interviewé Luc Wagner, Directeur Général de WW+ (Architecture & Urban Design). Il nous a évoqué son meilleur souvenir d’un projet de déménagement intégrant une approche collaborative et aussi il nous a donné quelques conseils pour les entreprises qui souhaitent déménager.

Move – Why should you be supported?

A move is a company project, so it is necessary to involve a maximum of people in this project. During the implementation of this one, many difficulties will appear. Lack of communication, lack of time, lack of involvement, etc. It is therefore important to be accompanied in this ordeal.