Digital Literacy for Everyone!

Digitalisation has been a huge talking point over the past couple of years and has become even more meaningful since the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic. Remote work, home schooling and communicating at a distance have all played a major role in limiting social interactions to a minimum as means of preventing the virus from bringing down our health care systems.

What is Change Management?

Change management is a holistic, cyclical and structured approach transitioning individuals, groups and organisations from a current state to a future desired state with the expected business benefits. It helps organisations to integrate and align people, processes, structures, culture and strategy within the business.

Presenting online? Engage Your Audience!

March 2020: From one day to the next millions of employees, managers and company owners have been progressively thrown into the world of virtual communication: online meetings, online presentations, webinars, virtual breakfasts and happy hours. There are a wide variety to choose from. 

Applications allowing online video interaction such as, Webex and Livestorm  have suddenly been flooded with registration requests while their stock value has soared to new records. As an example, stock value has practically doubled in the last 3 months. 

Digital Workplace Culture – The Future is Now!

Are you envisioning to go digital with your company? Then you have probably set up a transformation strategy and have it planned through. Well done!
Yet have you also taken your current organisational culture into consideration? If not, then your transition towards a digital future will most probably be in danger.
Did you know that a recent McKinsey (2016) study has shown that the biggest hurdle companies have to face when going digital is actually their own culture?

Management at distance: don’t let the crisis tarnish your leadership!

The issue of remote management is not new, but it has never been so topical.
Indeed, teleworking was already becoming more widespread in many sectors of activity as the difficulties of transport, particularly for cross-border commuters, contributed to accentuating the trend.

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