Managing expectations to achieve your goals

Nous vous proposons aujourd’hui de vous expliquer d’une part ce qu’est la gestion des attentes et ses avantages, et d’autre part de vous donner quelques clés sur la manière de gérer vos attentes, que ce soit sur le plan personnel ou professionnel, pour atteindre vos objectifs.

Re-motivated Management Team with Strengthened Cohesion for this Luxembourg Retail Group

MindForest supported the client in a professional and personal development campaign for its management teams, as part of the consolidation of the career plan aimed at promoting people internally, encouraging skills upgrading and internal mobility for key positions and, more globally, structuring their approach to talent management.

Driving towards success: the facilitator as a key player for your communities of practice

Creating collaborative environments within teams and especially communities is a key objective for both private and public organisations. They harness knowledge, enable problem solving and drive innovation within these organisations. What is the importance of the facilitator of the community of practice? What are their roles, responsibilities and challenges? And how can they be supported?

The Indelible Marker: Stained leadership risks fewer talent referrals

Leadership is crucial for a trustworthy and efficient employer branding. It holds an indelible marker in its hands and every action management takes marks the tone. A less favourable/thoughtful move can leave a long-term ugly stain, jeopardizing talent attraction, employee experience and customer care even the survival of the business.

Et si demain on télétravaillait encore ?

Si le Luxembourg pratiquait déjà le télétravail avant la crise sanitaire du COVID-19, la grande majorité des organisations a dû s’adapter au travail à distance dans l’urgence… et beaucoup ont trouvé les solutions et mis en place les process nécessaires en peu de temps. Jour après jour elles se sont donné les moyens de réussir cette transformation et même des postes a priori non « télétravaillables » ont pu être transposés, pour réaliser tout ou partie des activités à distance. Beaucoup parlent d’un « retour à la normale », mais et si demain on télétravaillait encore ?

Why has managerial courage become so essential to help you achieve your goals?

In these times of uncertainty, there are many factors that can lead to stress. The feeling of “loss of meaning” in one’s own actions is increasingly present among employees. As a result, the search for bearings in the professional world is no longer a phenomenon to be underestimated. Once mainly expected from local managers, as well as from members of the Executive Board, over the past few years, “managerial courage” seems to have become one of the main levers, which enable organisations to achieve their objectives. Paradoxically, more often than not this essential skill is poorly represented.
But what is “managerial courage”? How is it characterised? How can it be developed to benefit your teams and your company?

Interview with Steff Neukam, Managing Partner at Bloom GmbH München

In April 2021, MindForest organised jointly with the German Agency Bloom GmbH, a series of two webinars on the topic “From a Perfect Image to a Competitive Edge – How Employer Branding and Culture can Drive Your Business Forward”, dedicated to understanding the strong connection between employer branding and corporate culture. MindForest met with Steff Neukam, Managing Partner of Bloom, to discuss the added value of the Agency joining the MF Alliance to fully and truly address this topic for clients.

Has Agile failed?

Companies often refer to Agile as a way of responding more accurately to customer needs, as a means of working more transparently whilst empowering employees to assume further responsibility for their actions. Whereas the advantages that come along with an agile approach may seem promising, numerous companies fail to implement it as a valuable way of working.

How digital badges can improve business performance

Digital badges have gained increasing recognition as micro credentials and pedagogical tools over the last decade. They serve as a practical way to engage with employees and recognise accomplishment as part of an online program and they can also be useful in creating awareness among colleagues, potential employers or managers of new professional skill sets or achievements. In our previous article published a few weeks ago, we already talked about how digital badges changed the logic of the certification process, both in an educational context and in professional organisations. Now we would like to talk more about how digital badges can be applied to improve business performance. How can they contribute to improving business performance and how they can change employees’ behaviour?

Les valeurs d’entreprise, simple convention ou réelle valeur ajoutée?

Avez-vous l’impression que les valeurs affichées par votre société ne résonnent pas avec sa réalité stratégique et/ou opérationnelle ? Ces valeurs sont-elles définies ? Vous arrive-t-il de vous demander pourquoi votre organisation devrait consacrer des ressources à identifier des valeurs ? Nous vous invitons dans cet article à la réflexion, que vos valeurs d’entreprise soient déjà définies ou non, et vous proposerons en fin d’article un petit exercice pour évaluer votre situation actuelle, trouver de nouvelles sources d’inspiration et, pourquoi pas, améliorer vos acquis.