[18/11/2020] Webinar: Digital Literacy for Everyone!

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Digital Literacy for Everyone!

MindForest is delighted to invite you to the webinar « Digital Literacy for Everyone » (held in English), which will take place on 18th November 2020 from 09:00-10:00 online!

Digitalisation has been a huge talking point over the past couple of years and has become even more meaningful since the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic. Remote work, home schooling and communicating at a distance have all played a major role in limiting social interactions to a minimum as means of preventing the virus from bringing down our health care systems.

But the need for digital skills had already increased over the past decade, so now much attention is attributed to digital literacy in today’s society. However, being technically proficient is only one of many aspects that describe how we cope with an increasingly digital world.

Join us for our upcoming webinar “Digital literacy for everyone” to find out more about the different components that determine digital literacy. Share your own take on today’s digital challenges and discuss your personal best practices with peers!

Please note, that this webinar will be in English, however questions can be taken in all four languages (EN, FR, DE, LU).

a80a844f-6681-4dbe-bdd7-42c2ee68b2d1.png Wednesday 18th November 2020 – From 09:00 till 10:00
ed8acf71-675d-4a83-8bac-2d1da920f464.png Webinar online
b36b3f28-3f13-465b-b6fe-3c6759c33615.png Free Webinar
edda2654-9379-46bc-842a-7a49802d62c8.png Registration (until Tuesday 17th November): jane.barton@mindforest.com

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