[04/11/19] Amcham Luncheon: Digitalisation has Nothing to do with Technology. It is All About Culture

Amcham Luncheon with Guest Speaker M. Guy Kerger, MindForest


Digitalisation has Nothing to do with Technology. It is All About Culture!

The American Chamber of Commerce (Amcham) and Mindforest have great pleasure in inviting you to a luncheon from 12 am till 2 pm on 4th November 2019 at the Hotel Parc Belair (111, Avenue du Dix Septembre, L-2551 Luxembourg) to have a lively discussion on: Does the management really know what they want to achieve with digitalization?

Is the vision on customer benefits, company benefits, business and employee benefits clearly defined?

Has the company the ability to manage a transformation toward a digital culture?

Is the speed of the digital business transformation in line with the transformation of our society?

During the luncheon we will discuss a practical approach about:

  • Assessing the blocking points
  • Assessing digital maturity and resistance
  • Structuring your levers to support the take up of digital services
  • Empowering valuable players

The development of a digital culture will reduce the risk of counterproductive actions resulting in rejection or difficulties in appropriating the new tools and services offered.

We hope that you can join us for this event to learn more about Mr Guy Kerger’s thoughts on the challenges of the digital age based on MindForest’s extensive experience in Change Management and Digitalization.

For more information and to register to the event, please consult the website of Amcham.

a80a844f-6681-4dbe-bdd7-42c2ee68b2d1.png Monday 4th November 2019 – From 12 am till 2 pm
ed8acf71-675d-4a83-8bac-2d1da920f464.png Hotel Parc Belair | 111 Avenue du Dix Septembre, L-2551 (see google maps)
b36b3f28-3f13-465b-b6fe-3c6759c33615.png Members: 50 € – Non-Members: 60 € – Limited space
edda2654-9379-46bc-842a-7a49802d62c8.png Registration via the Amcham Website

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